On-Campus student housing leads to academic success

It has been shown that students who live on-campus:

  • Take More Credit Hours

  • Higher GPA

  • Have a higher retention rate

  • Are more likely to graduate

  • Are more likely to graduate on-time

  • Save money

UVU students deserve a better college experience

As BYU and Utah cap their enrollment, UVU becomes the university of choice for more Utahns.  True to UVU's Dual-Mission Model, while the school is similar to attending a community college for some, for others it is their four-year university experience.  Unfortunately, UVU lacks many of the aspects of college life (like student housing) that make universities so valuable for education.  Currently, only about 3,300 purpose-built student housing beds serve UVU's population of 27,000. 

UVU students spend almost 1 hour commuting each day

The average UVU student spends almost one hour each day commuting to and from school.  Additionally, most of these kids are forced to make their commute during AM and PM rush hours.  That is one hour each day our children aren't spending in class, studying, participating in clubs or activities, working, or recreating.  That is one hour each day that other college students don't lose to driving.  UVU needs to provide adequate student housing.

Current student housing is completely full

Current student housing has averaged 98% occupancy for the past 6 years.  Even with the LDS Missionary age change in 2012 where thousands of potential college students left to perform church service, UVU student housing has remained full.   There simply isn't enough student housing for UVU students.  

UVU needs to spend taxpayer dollars on other things besides student housing

When you consider how many kids are currently enrolled in Utah County Jr. Highs and High Schools, even if UVU only continues to educate the same percentage they currently do, the University is going to grow dramatically.  With limited taxpayer dollars to help pay for this growth, UVU needs to focus its resources on building academic facilities.  This is why, in 2016, UVU adopted a master plan hoping the private sector would help provide the necessary housing for UVU students.