Over 88% of traffic generated from this project will NOT Occur during AM or PM Rush Hour

  • The true benefit of student housing is removing commuters from Utah County roads.

  • Students who used to have to drive to and from school, can now walk to class.

  • They may still have a car and drive, but they won't add to congestion during rush hour when roads are the worst.

  • Student Housing is the only use for the property that reduces commuters.

We are taking over 1,600 UVU commuters off Orem streets and freeways.

By adding student housing,
  • This student housing gives students the ability to walk or bike to class.

  • The average UVU student currently commutes almost 1 hour per day.

Orem City's traffic engineers determined the project would add 3,772 car trips per day (1,886 leaving the housing and 1,886 returning to the housing).

Orem City Traffic Engineer Presentation to City Council on February 13, 2018.

Orem City Traffic Engineer Presentation to City Council on February 13, 2018.

  • Notice the low numbers of AM and PM rush hour traffic.

  • This is much less traffic than would be generated by any other type of development on the property.

Paul Goodrich.jpg
I think SWONA neighborhood is taking a huge gamble [fighting this project]. . . . In my mind there is more of a chance for it being worse than [the proposed student housing project].
— Paul Goodrich, Orem City Traffic Engineer
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As we have noted in our master plan, accessibility to public transportation and the creation of a “walkability” culture for our central campus is essential to manage our institutional growth, function as good neighbors, and take a leading role in ensuring a healthy environment for this valley.
— Matt Holland, President of UVU