Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we hear quite a bit, there is a lot of misinformation being spread.

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Traffic, Parking, Infrastructure, Visitor Parking

+ How will this project affect traffic in Orem?

Traffic engineers have concluded that project will be beneficial to traffic in Orem and that it is the best use for the site. More.

+ Will your project have enough parking?

The project will have more parking than any other student housing project in Utah County. More.

+ How will you prevent parking from spilling over into the neighborhoods?

Not only does the project have more parking than any other student housing project in Utah County, but parking will be offered free to all residents. More.

+ How will visitor parking work?

During the day, the project will have plenty of visitor parking on site. At peak times (6:00 pm to 10:00pm), visitors will be allowed to park at any of the 1,400 parking stalls in adjacent UVU parking lots. More.

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Orem City Public Process, REferendum, Lakeridge Jr. High

+ Why is this project on the ballot?

After the Orem City Council approved the student housing, a group of neighbors obtained signatures to give Orem citizens the opportunity to vote for the project.

+ Why did the Orem Planning Commission vote against the project?

The Planning Commission was concerned that students were being charged to park at the project. Now that parking is being offered for free to residents, many planning commission members have come out publically for the project.

+ Why were homes demolished prior to the project being approved?

After many of the homes were vacated, vagrants moved in to the abandoned homes. It became a security concern and they were demolished with approval of Orem City.

+ What neighborhood input was obtained prior to the city council vote?

The Developers had over a dozen sessions with neighboring residents over the 18 month process of getting the project approved with Orem City. After each session, the project was refined to address concerns.

+ What input did Lakeridge Jr. High have into the project?

Orem City required a development agreement with the Alpine School District prior to presenting to the city council. It was agreed that the project would pay for a traffic light and protected crosswalks in front of Lakeridge Jr. High. More.

+ If the project is turned down, will the land go back to houses?

The UVU Board of Trustees recently instructed the University to buy the ground in the event it was turned down by voters. More.

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About student housing, UVU Involvement, Public Financing 

+ What is "purpose built" student housing?

It is a living community designed for residents in higher education, offfering amenities tailered to college students, such as individual leases, study areas, fully furnished units, and roommate matching. More.

+ Will the Project be restricted to UVU students?

The project will be restricted to students and those affiliated with the University.

+ Can BYU students rent at this project?

The project will not be BYU approved housing.

+ Will the project be affordable for UVU students?

The project will charge market rents and be similarly priced to other student housing projects serving UVU.More.